Goodbye Windows

Ubuntu for my productivity.

I have my life. My productivity is not depends on paid operating system. I will tell you how i started it.

Five years ago for Indonesian people, software piracy is common. You can hear easily a key generator tool’s sound at campus. Only a small percentage people who pay a software licence even on government office. Can you imagine it? sure it is true.

The amazing moment

I was starting my carrier as android application developer. At 2013, i where also use cracked Windows OS and Eclipse with Core i5, 4GB Ram and 320Gb hhd. It was awesome specs but unfortunately it didn’t perform well. It took long time for compile an apk-file.

At the same moment, i was realize that as a good programmer i shouldn’t violate a licence. I shouldn’t crack an apps or decompile it. It is about ethic.

I decide to make it a dual boot (Windows and Ubuntu) but failed. The windows 8 UEFI system can’t recognize Ubuntu. I was lack information how to solve it. My licenced windows 8 was broken and it can’t be recovered.

Finally i was remove the windows 8 and replace it with Ubuntu 12.04. It was amazing moment. I could not imagine to wrote a book without ms office but i will do it.

LibreOffice for Thesis

I take the magister program at Universitas Gadjah Mada (MTI) and i work part time at Qiscus during study. My research is about recommender system. A system that you can find easily at ecommerce or youtube for recommend you next video to watch. The recommender system will make you feel cozy and take for long time to watch Youtube.

Click here to see detail of my resarch presentation. I am use PHP (laravel) for build an recommender system infrastucture. The important thing is write a paper and research report (Thesis). At the same time i am using java (Eclipse) for android development. I am also doing an other productivity such as sharing and teaching to the community. Did i need microsoft office? no. i am just need Ubuntu and LibreOffice for my work.

Teaching, Sharing and Writing

Now i am lecture at Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta. In the class, i also using Libree Office. For meeting, teaching, sharing and writing and other activity related to campus, i just using Elementary OS run on my laptop. It’s work well. I am productive with that.

Sometimes i asks to my student “opps, i am sorry how to see list of directory using command prompt? ls is doesn’t work here.”



Coding | Writing | Sharing. Co-founder Hepicar. IG

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