How to improve coding productivity

Too many to do is make me do nothing. Oh man! Let’s work while waiting for the next break.

At least it is happen to me. I have a lot of ticket on backlog. Sometimes i have to move so many ticket into todo board with just only a few days deadline. It is easy for specific project but unfortunately i have multiple project. Yeah, i am programmer, i have no life.

What? No Life?

But i am sorry, i have my life. As a parent i have to spare my time with my baby. As a villager i have to make a contribution to society. In campus, i have many classes. It is my role. Of course you have your own role in your life. We are not robot, right?

24 Hours with multiple role in life.

There are so many articles to improve productivity. Some people suggest to say no until you finish previous tasks. Others suggest to re-define your done. Others people has other suggestion. Finally you have to find your own solution. It is not easy.

Break your time.

Coding a task nonstop for 3–5 hours may be stressful. Switching project frequently in a short time is painful. We can’t do multitasking like a computer with multi thread and multi processor. We are a human. We have a different approach.

But do you know? It’s just a perspective about how to manage a time. People said “ Let’s work until finish the task and don’t forget to take a rest”. In fact, people forget the time for rest until feel tired. Work is tired.

How about this?

Let’s work while waiting for the next break. Break your time every two or three hours. Take a rest for a moment and start your tasks again. Repeat your task if it haven’t finished yet while waiting for the next break. Work is for break. Is it interesting ?

Define your rest

Rest is doing something different from coding. Sing a song, playing the guitar, smoking, walking, drink a coffee or other activities depends on which you like. My friends prefer playing game on their laptop, but i think their eyes doesn’t a rest if you still stay in front of monitor. I prefer playing guitar or reading a book (not in pdf) than playing game.

An other rest

Can we take a rest for pray ? It is very nice. As a moslem, we have a daily routine time to pray. At least 5 times per day but we can re-arrange into 8 times. Let see how it works.

Do you see the pattern? It is awesome formula from Allah SWT to make us productive while waiting for the next break.

We can use the productive time for coding or writing an article to share anything related with our code. I think if we succeed to use this formula we can find a new methodology on software development. Ah forget it just kidding!.

Coding | Writing | Sharing. Co-founder Hepicar. IG

Coding | Writing | Sharing. Co-founder Hepicar. IG