Make your apps “chat-able”

Arif Akbarul Huda
2 min readJul 29, 2017

“able to chat with other user”. I found it in software requirement system documentation as additional functionality. It just single line and short statement, but is it easy as expected?

simple chat apps from kiwari

Well i think it is quite simple. I need integrate my apps with Firebase or Apple Push Notification (APN), and display the message in ListView on android or TableView on iOS. ya, i build it with my self. I can get so many tutorials from google.

Now i am enjoy to chat with my team using own apps. The conversation is getting bigger and many picture was shared. Unfortunately the ListView are lagging. At the same time, the number of user has increased and the push notification are come late. My server was hit by more than 5000 users concurrently. i found many bug everywhere and i patched it seporadist. The result my apps now have a spaghetti code and difficult to maintenance. I am frustrated !! now i am realize that “able to chat with other user” are not easy as expected.

Better solution.

Finally I found the better solution after googling and searching on Github. There are so many result with chat sdk keyword but i am interest with Qiscus SDK. It is developed by Indonesian Startup which challanges Slack for collaboration team application. Based on Wikipedia Documentation, The message is encrypted with AES-265. Various local media reviews from Techin Asia, CNN Indonesia, Inet Detik and Tekno Liputan 6 enhanced my trust using this product. Who is superstar programmer behind Qiscus? i believe they are awesome team which active to share their experience on many event.

Qiscus in Production Application.

According to blog, Halodoc is one of example as how to Qiscus SDK integrated. Furtheromre Kiwari also uses it to make end meets the “able to chat with other user” requirement.

Integrating is better than create from scratch

According to documentation, it seems easy to integrate my apps with qiscus sdk both ios and android. I will tell more detail in the next article. For now just register your apps into . For android we can follow this instruction and this documentation is good for ios.